Update 1.1.5 coming soon!

The update 1.1.5 will be rather a smaller update and will bring only a few new, but not less valuable features & improvements! Currently, the plan is to roll out the update at the end of July 2022 end of August 2022. The exact date is not fixed yet, as always this will follow in the next weeks.

Here you can find some short information about the two most important changes:

Adjustments in the invoicing module

  • New credit options: Credit only for certain aircraft, for other costs or for everything (default, as before).
  • Credits now have a "valid from" date and are only taken into account from this date, not immediately
  • Multiple credits for one pilot with different prices, depending on validity date
  • Corporate design settings allow different color schemes for the PDF invoice (BUSINESS subscription only)
  • In the footer all four columns can be configured, not only the first two (BUSINESS subscription only)
  • Input and extrapolation of user-defined invoice items within the invoice (e.g. 1x landing fee or 5x landing fee, ADVANCED or BUSINESS subscription only)
  • Added new placeholders for italic and underlined text, as well as three placeholders for colored highlighting (ADVANCED or BUSINESS subscription only)
  • Currency symbols can now be configured as prefix or postfix (e.g. € 123 vs. € 123)
  • Improvements & optimizations in calculation and invoice management, layout and much more.

Information about new/updated NOTAM for users

  • Notification for user on login if there are new or updated NOTAM since last login
  • Display how many users have read the new/updated information (only for new NOTAM created after update to 1.1.5)
  • New icons & colors

In addition, a number of other, smaller adjustments, which will follow in the detailed release notes.
The exact update date will follow in the near future!

(The screenshots on the right show the current development status. The final development may still differ)
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