Terms & conditions

Dated: May 20, 2021

1 Scope of use

1.1. apron:pilot is an internet-based application - hereinafter also referred to as application or application - for managing aircraft reservations, digital logbooks, members, information management for users, invoices and various documents, for flying clubs, flying clubs, flying schools and owner communities - hereinafter called groups. These terms of use apply to the use of this named application.

1.2. The group must be registered free of charge by an administrator in order to use it. The administrator can subsequently create access for members - hereinafter referred to as users - as user accounts (using username / email and password).

1.3. The basic version of the application can be used free of charge after registration. The administrators can subscribe to chargeable additional services and modules for the respective group. These terms of use apply equally to the free and paid components of the application.

1.4. The application is made available as a product "as is" and used by the users / administrators. There is no entitlement to individual adaptation or continued functionality after updates.

1.5. Users can request the use of the application by deleting the account from the administrator or directly from apron:pilot. Administrators can request that the group and all associated data be deleted from apron:pilot.

2 Agreement or rejection of the terms of use

2.1. Every administrator who carries out a registration for the respective flying club, flight school or private aircraft owner community must give their consent to these terms of use in the registration form by ticking the corresponding check box.

2.2. When logging in for the first time, every administrator and user receives a notification to read & accept the terms of use and data protection guidelines, unless this has been done in advance. The approval must be confirmed by the respective administrator or user. Without a consent, the use is not possible and a log out of the system occurs.

2.3. By registering as a new group, the administrator also agrees to receive the apron:pilot newsletter. This consent can be revoked at any time via the account page or direct contact via contact@apron-pilot.com.

2.4. The e-mail address given during registration will also be used for important messages such as software updates, security-critical information or other important changes to the groups and administrators.

3 Use of the system

3.1. The purposes of using the application are defined as follows:

  • Manage reservations for aircraft in a digital calendar (create, edit, view, delete), maintain a waiting list for reservations by users, export individual reservation data records as iCal file format
  • Manage digital logbook entries (create, edit, view, delete), attach receipts for refueling or other costs
  • Manage members (create, edit, view, delete), upload profile pictures
  • Manage & share (create, edit, view, delete) group-internal information on general, flight operations or relevant, club or group-relevant or aircraft-specific data & information, uploading and making files available to all members of the group
  • Management of aircraft data records (creation, editing, viewing, deleting) as a representation of real aircraft, which are required for further use in the calendar, logbook, etc., uploading of relevant associated files and images
  • Manage (create, edit, view, delete) & send invoices after approval by administrators for pilots who have carried out flights and entered them in the digital logbook, support the administrators in the accounting processes for flight and associated costs

3.2. The application offers support for the purposes of use mentioned in 3.1. There is no guarantee of completeness, avoidance of errors, authenticity of the data entered or completeness. The users and administrators of the respective groups are responsible for data entry, correctness and completeness.

3.3. The administrator or user is solely responsible and liable for the data, information, uploaded files or images entered in the application, as well as the information or files resulting therefrom. apron:pilot is not liable for any damage or loss of profit resulting from the use of the application - especially in the event of data loss.

3.4. apron:pilot cannot guarantee that e-mails automatically sent by the application - for example password-forgotten e-mails, waiting list information, bills for flights - will reach the respective users, especially due to incorrectly entered or non-existent e-mails -Address, forwarding, deletion or overcrowding of the email account. The users and administrators are responsible for keeping the stored e-mail inbox accessible.

3.5. Since the system is subject to constant further development, there is no entitlement to the continuation of functionality or the continuation of the existing behavior of the application after an update or error correction.

3.6. apron:pilot reserves the right to update, change or block functionalities, services and modules at any time and without giving reasons.

3.7. The application, as well as all modules and functions of the application in their composition are the intellectual property of apron:pilot and may not be used or passed on to other companies other than for the actual purpose without consent.

3.8. The creation of screenshots or prints of the application is not permitted, with the exception of reporting faults, defects or damage or as an attachment for questions or feedback directly to apron:pilot. Any transfer of such names, labels, texts, images, graphics, logos, files, attachments or parts of text contained in the application may only take place in exceptional cases with the explicit, written consent of apron:pilot.

4 Obligations for users and administrators

4.1. A user is someone who has been created as such for the respective group by an administrator and who uses the system with the intention of using the functions and modules offered, regardless of the technical user rights and options within the application.

4.2. For each group, at least one administrator must take over the registration and representation as a contact person. An administrator is a user who has special authorizations in the application, for example creating, editing, deleting users, aircraft data records, etc. and who represents the group.

4.3. When registering, new groups must agree to these terms of use and the data protection guidelines by the administrator. Registration is not possible without consent.

4.4. The administrator is responsible for the correct creation of the users of the group who are to use the application, so that these services can be used for the respective group (flying club, flying school, aircraft owner associations, etc.) (examples: reservation calendar, digital Logbook etc.).

4.5. Access to apron:pilot is at your own risk and responsibility. The respective user is solely responsible for the content, data, texts, uploaded files or images entered in the application, as well as the information or files resulting therefrom. apron:pilot does not assume any liability for the correctness, completeness or usefulness of this entered information.

4.6. All users and administrators who use the application are obliged to provide truthful information, especially when providing names and contact details (e.g. email address).

4.7. To use the application, users and administrators must be at least 18 years of age and legally competent, especially if paid services are subscribed to or used.

4.8. All users and administrators are obliged to keep their specified email address available from the time they log in or register for the first time.

4.9. Users and administrators are prohibited from knowingly or unknowingly using software tools, "data listeners" or "data spoofing" or hardware to influence or manipulate the application, or to use it in any way other than the purposes for which it was used in 3.1 (e.g. Sending spam e-mails).

4.10. If an error, a malfunction or damage was caused by a user or administrator, for example through manipulation, the user or administrator or the person responsible must pay apron:pilot damages. If necessary, apron:pilot will also take further legal steps against the perpetrator(s).

4.11. Users and administrators are obliged to protect their access data (user name or email and password) from being accessed by third parties. In the event of unauthorized use, the user or administrator is liable for any consequences or damage. In this case, the user or administrator must immediately contact apron:pilot and request that the user data be blocked.

4.12. apron:pilot has the right to temporarily or permanently block users and administrators in the event of violations of laws, common decency and violations of these terms of use or, if necessary, to delete the user accounts and associated data entirely.

5 Bug fixes, support, availability

5.1. Users or administrators will immediately report malfunctions, defects or damage in the system to apron:pilot, either via the integrated error reporting tool or directly by email to support@apron-pilot.com. Documentation by means of time information, screenshots or photos is desired, users and administrators have - as far as reasonable and possible - to help localize the errors.

5.2. If an error, a malfunction or damage was caused by a user or administrator who was culpable, the user or administrator has to bear the costs of rectification.

5.3. If an attempt to manipulate the application is discovered, every user and administrator or the person responsible undertakes to pay damages to apron:pilot and any third party that may be involved. In such cases, apron:pilot will carry out a further check and, if relevant, also consider legal steps.

5.4. The system is hosted by a provider in Austria, which guarantees high availability. Maintenance work or interruptions caused by the provider will be announced immediately after becoming known. For planned updates, maintenance or other interruptions by apron:pilot an information is given at least 5 days prior. For unplanned maintenance, updates or interruptions information is given as soon as possible. Communication channels for these information are social media pages (facebook, Instagram), website (news-blog), login page of the app, as well as direct e-mail to all users / administrators in special situations.

6 Data privacy

6.1. The data protection guidelines are available on the website or via the application under the following links: https://www.apron-pilot.com/en/privacy-policy or https://app.apron-pilot.com/en/register/dataprivacy.

6.2. By accepting these terms of use, it is confirmed, that the data protection guidelines have been read and that the user or administrator also agree to them.

7 Final Provisions

7.1. If individual provisions of these terms and conditions are or become ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected. The ineffective provision is to be replaced by a valid one that comes as close as possible to the intended goal.

7.2. apron:pilot reserves the right to adapt these terms of use at any time without notice. In this case, every user and administrator will receive a notification the next time they log in to the application and will be asked to confirm this.

7.3. In the event of questions, misunderstandings or objections, contact can be made via the email address termsofuse@apron-pilot.com for the purpose of clarification.

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