NEW: Version 1.1.3-2 - Release on 2022-01-17

Digital Logbook

  • Fixed an issue when multiple aircraft are available but some are locked and some are not accessible for the user. This created the issue, that when opening the logbook, it was redirecting to the first aircraft, despite having multiple assigned. This error occured only in particular cases, but was fixed now.


Version 1.1.3-1 - Release on 2022-01-14

Digital Logbook

  • Fixed an issue with the total calculation of flight time, hobbs, total time in service, additional counter and number of landings that was not working after the update end of December.


Version 1.1.3 - Release on 2021-12-29


  • The graphical user interface has been enhanced at several levels: buttons were rearranged, renamed and background/outline/text colors and their hierachy optimized. It now features a more modern and consistent design in several views, especially for popups and buttons in various forms. The screenshots in the online-help might partly contain still contain old images. We are going to enhance them over the next weeks.

  • Ratings are now configurable and customizable. It is possible to configure customized rating checks via the settings menu and either activate them for all pilots, only specific pilots or make them aircraft dependend. The system will carry out validitity checks for the ratings as before but now shows the customized items as well. The internal checkflight works as before. To have more overview on all the ratings, the admninistrator can also use the rating-overview function to export and see all rating information and also edit them in one view

  • The online help now allows power users to access the administration section in the online help, in order to be able to read more information about several administrative activitiers

  • Labels for users are now displayed in various form elements, e.g. payment runs creation, invoicing or logbook (administrators & power users only)

  • Various HMI optimizations e.g. better coloring of UI elements, mobile view enhancements etc.

  • Several translation corrections in the online-help documentation (German and English)


  • If a homebase is stored for the aircraft, the status window for the aircraft will show this homebase below the type

Defect management

  • New feature for defect management added. Pilots can record defects, include photos or files, add comments and send automated notifications. Defect administrators (administrators or power users) can also be defined and can take care of defects. This feature is optional and has to be activated in the settings


  • For aircraft the validity date for the next airworthiness certicate examination can be entered. It will be shown to pilots in the dashboard and information view, if it is to lapse within the next for weeks. Administrators also receive a warnining on top of the dashboard and in the administration menu for aircraft

  • If defect management feature is activated, a separate button and view is added to the information list. Pilots can access this to view defects and also add new records, comment existing ones etc.

  • A homebase for aircraft can now be set for each aircraft. This is particularly helpful, if multiple aircraft with different homebases are handled within the system.


  • The reservations now also show the comment directly on the event marker, if the aircraft is grounded

  • Administrators can configure whether or not a reason must be provided when deleting a reservation. This is disabled by default. If activated, regular users must provide a reason for deletion, which is then shown to the administrators. Furthermore, any notification text can be specified that will be displayed when confirming the deletion.

  • For administrators a separate link is shown in the calendar to display all deleted reservations, incl. the details about the reservation, deletion time and deleting user. If the option for a mandatory reason for deletion is activated, this is also shown in the list.

  • Fixed an issue with partly incorrect shown created and updated time information, showing configured timezone instead of UTC times. This is now fixed, the times are shown in UTC.

  • Fixed: the estimated flight time field was not read-only for users viewing reservation details of a reservation were they are not the owner

Digital Logbook

  • The logbook has been redesigned & refactored, mostly in the background. New additions include the totals calculation on a per page basis (e.g. on page 5 you see the some of flight time from page 1 - 5) and a redesigned page layout on smartphones and mobile devices on smaller resolutions (scrolling disabled, instead column tables are shown)

  • Sorting and filtering has been enhanced: filtering by pilot names, departure / destination, takeoff / landing time, number of landings; sorting possible via date, flight time, departure / destination code, hobbs time, total time in service time, additional counter time and number of landings

  • Export of logbook (administrators only) does now consider filtered results via textsearch beside the date filter

  • Users can now change their logbook entries from the past days, even if it is not the last flight of the airplane, if it is edited within 48 hours after creation. This allows pilots to correct errors before asking the administrator or power user for that, as it was up until now

Invoice Module

  • YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION: You can now subscribe yearly for the business plan, including one month of trial phase (one-time only) and have the payment done only once per year. Subscribing to the business plan on a yearly basis results in 10% off to the yearly regular monthly fee.

  • For existing customers: If you are subscribed to the BASIC or ADVANCED plan and want to switch to BUSINESS MONTHLY or YEARLY, you can now do so via the "Manage subscription" page (ACCOUNT > Invoice Module - Subscription). If you want to switch from BASIC to ADVANCED or ADVANCED to BASIC or BUSINESS to BASIC or ADVANCED, you need to cancel the subscription first and newly subscribe to another package. Reason is some constraints around the payment handling for BASIC and ADVANCED plans.

  • PAYMENT METHOD SEPA: You can now choose between payment by credit card or SEPA debit (only available in European countries, see SEPA debit allows direct debit to bank accounts. Everything is still handled securely via our payment service provider Stripe! Currently the payment provider only supports SEPA debits for new subscriptions. Our existing customers are asked to contact us via for a manual switch.

  • Resending of invoices is now possible via the invoice directly. This only applies if a valid e-mail address was entered for the user or in the e-mail field of the invoice. Resending of the invoice can be triggered again, even after processing to remind pilots again.

  • Enhanced several rendering issues around the column size and width in the generated PDF file

  • Fixed an issue with payment runs being approvable without invoices linked to it

  • Fixed an issue where the PDF link in the digital invoice would not be shown for PROCESSED & PAID invoices

Maintenance Forecast Information

  • Fixed an issue with multi-day reservations, where the estimated flight time was not considered in the forecast when the start date of the reservation was in the past but the end date in the future

Administration - Aircraft

  • Tabs "GENERAL" and "MAINTENANCE": reorganized the fields in the views and moved the "next maintenance at"-field to the maintenance tab, along with the date for the airworthiness review certificate validity

  • In the tab ratings you can no activate or deactivate aircraft specific ratings that are required for the aircraft in order to book it. This is mostly relevant for ratings, that are required to fly the aircraft, e.g. SEP, TMG, MEP, ...

  • If defect management feature is activated, a separate tab is available for defects. Admins can access this to view defects, add new records, comment existing ones and manage the existing ones.

  • If defect management feature is activated power users and administrators can also access the defect overview page via the aircraft overview - options link. This page allows to view all defects of aircrafts, edit & administrate them, as well as export information from defects.

  • A homebase for aircraft can now be saved for each aircraft

  • The additional counter initial value can now also be set

Administration - Users

  • The aircraft & rating tab has been modified and allows now to see the customizable rating and - if configured to be user-specific - to be activated for the particular user via the details page

  • A new tab has been introduced for the configuration of notifications for a particular user. For this purpose the notification option for the reservation request has been moved here from the "aircraft & ratings" tab.

  • Rating overview & editing: Via the user overview page -> Options -> Rating overview it is possible to get an overview of all users and all ratings and their validity dates. It is possible to filter and export the data as PDF or spreadsheet data for further processing. The overview page also supports inline-editing which makes it possible to update dates directly without heading to the details page of the corresponding user and therefore makes it faster to process.

  • User import allows now to import the custom ratings as well as the internal checkflight per aircraft

  • Fixed an issue that prevented power users from using the user importer functionality

Administration - NOTAMs

  • Fixed sorting of NOTAMs that gets mixed up in some cases with some date formats

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the deletion of the physical file on the storage in certain cases

Settings - Ratings

  • Customizable ratings can now be configured via the settings menu. Ratings can either be activated for all pilots (e.g. Medical, Language Proficiency, ...), only specific pilots (e.g. flight instructor, instrument rating instructor, ...) or made them aircraft dependend (e.g. SEP, MEP, SEP(H), ...).

Settings - Calendar

  • Administrators can configure whether or not a reason must be provided when deleting a reservation, by default this is disabled. Additionally, a notification text can be configured independently, which is displayed when confirming the deletion of a reservation.


Version 1.1.2-1 - Updated on 2021-10-26



  • Fixed an issue with partly incorrect shown created and updated time information, showing configured timezone instead of UTC times. This is now fixed, the times are shown in UTC.

Invoice Module

  • Enhanced several rendering issues around the column size and width in the generated PDF file


Version 1.1.2 - Updated on 2021-10-02



  • Rating checks improved and enhanced with configuration option

  • Slight restyling of the on/off switches done to look more suitable in the overall design and added description to help documentation (see chapter Graphical User Interface)

  • Several translation & renaming fixes all over the application

  • Increased the max. allowed filesize for uploads for logbook fuel & other cost receipts (now 10 megabytes), NOTAM attachments and aircraft documents (both now 30 megabytes) to allow bigger files (e.g. manuals) to be uploaded. Image uploads (e.g. profile picture, account logo etc.) remain limited with 2 megabytes


  • An additional counter can now be configured for each aircraft. This includes the name of the counter (e.g. fuel consumption, block time, tach time, ... ), single or start to end counter, decimal or time format, mandatory or optional, consecutive counter yes/no and editable start value yes/no. This counter can be activated and used for additional logging and also for invoicing (advanced & business plan only)

  • Export functionality added, that lets you export the logbook of a particular aircraft to a spreadsheet file for further processing

  • Renaming of field labels "Comments" to "Remarks"

  • Fixed a bug, that made it possible for a regular user to edit the start value for the hobbs and total time in service counter. Only power user and admins can change the start value

  • Fixed a bug, that would prevent changing the PIC of a logbook entry under certain circumstances when also selecting a second pilot

Invoice Module

  • ONLY ADVANCED OR BUSINESS PLAN: Create manual invoices without flight: it is now possible to create manual invoices without an existing flight. Within these manual invoices custom invoice items can be created, e.g. club fee, landing fee, or any other custom invoice item that is available. These manual invoices are treated like regular invoices with flights and will be calculated and sent to the recipient.

  • ONLY BUSINESS PLAN: It is now possible to configure the invoice number format via predefined placeholders, allowing more control on how the invoice number formats are generated. This can be configured live by the administrator via settings, allowing the following examples: 2021-123456-john.doe, 21-000023-07, 07#000022 - read the online help for more information.

  • ONLY BUSINESS PLAN: With the new invoice number format configuration option, it is also possible to increase or decrease the consecutive number that is used in the invoice number format. Administrators can now change the number that is stored in the system. This is helpful, if the invoices generated have the same format as produced by other systems (e.g. club bookkeeping system) and you want to synchronize them.

  • ONLY ADVANCED OR BUSINESS PLAN: Invoices will now be created either with the private or a separate invoicing address, if specified for the recipient of the invoice. This can be configured in the administration settings for each user (Example: different address for trainings than for private flights).

  • "My Finances": If marking as paid for users is deactivated, the "My finances" page will not show the "mark as paid" button anymore

  • Invoices can now be hidden from users within the application. A use case could be to generate the invoices within apron:pilot but process it further in an external system. A new flag was implemented, that can be set in each invoice. If the flag is not set, the invoice will be marked as hidden and is not visible to the pilot under "My Finances", however it can always be updated at a later point

  • A gender-based salutation is possible with new placeholders #GENDER#, #SALUT_FORMAL# and #SALUT_INFORMAL#. With this it is possible to get "Mrs." or "Mr." (#GENDER#), "Dear Mr." or "Dear Mrs." for #SALUT_INFORMAL# and #SALUT_FORMAL# or "Dear" in case of "diverse". The system will guess the salutation based on the first name if "not specified" is selected and build the salutation based on that. More information can be found in the online-help and the FAQ chapter.

  • ONLY ADVANCED OR BUSINESS PLAN: The additional counter, if configured, can also be used for invoicing. For this purpose an additional option of the price is available in the aircraft details configuration

  • The flight remarks and refueling remarks are now shown in the electronic invoice details page, prefixed with an icon. Also an icon for the other cost description has been added.

  • Performance optimizations for payment run and invoices management (mostly in the background not noticable for the users, except for loading speeds)

  • Fixed a bug when updating invoices and payment runs when a specific date format was used by the user

  • Fixed a bug where mutliple clicks on adding flights would create empty invoices

  • Fixed a bug for tax invoices, not showing the gross value correctly for non-tax invoices

  • Fixed a bug where other costs form items would not be shown after a too big file was tried to be uploaded

  • Fixed a bug that would create duplicate invoice item rows if "approve" button was clicked multiple times or if connection problems occured (also backmerged to version 1.1.1, bugfix was applied on 2021-08-31)

  • Fixed issues with some date formats which would prevent a correct filtering of invoices or flights in filter actions

  • Restyling of the electronic invoice details page

  • Improved several rendering issues and options in the generated PDF file

Maintenance Forecast Information

  • A new field for the estimated flight time is added to reservations. Based on these values and the maintenance intervals, entered for each aircraft, the system can try to estimate the next maintenance date and can give support when predicting maintenance.

  • There is also a uncertainty factor related to this. Basically the system also gives the administrators or users an understanding, whether the calculated maintenance forecast has a high, medium or low uncertainty: if a lot of reservations have no estimated flight time added, the uncertainty for maintenance forecast will be high and therefore unprecise.

  • Administrators can decide whether to show this extended information to normal users or not (settings area). If this deactivated, normal users only see the next scheduled maintenance and the remaining hours available. If activated, they also receive more information via the maintenance forecast section. Administrators and power users always get the full view.

Aircraft Information

  • The aircraft information page has been redesigned and now shows the accumulated hours, remaining hours and currently planned flight time on the overview page. With colors (red or yellow) pilots also immediately recognize, whether enough flight time is available or not. In the detail section the maintenance part has also been redesigned and shows a bit more details about the maintenance and available hours.


  • Response mail to pilots about the reservation request results were restyled and now more prominently show the outcome of the request (approved or declined) and the optional message of the administrator in a highlighted box

  • An additional calendar field to add the estimated flight time for the reservation can be added. Administrators can decide to make these fields mandatory or optional. This field is used for the maintenance forecast calculation.

  • Reservation details now show information about creation and update of the reservation, together with the creating and updating user (Remark: reservations created before this update, will only show the update date and updated by information by default, as the logic for the creator user has been redesigned)

  • Fixed the telephone link for users, which was not working in certain circumstances


  • The internal checkflight validity can now be configured by aircraft, which is now also shown in the profile page next to the linked aircraft

  • The profile page now also displays rating warnings on the top of the page to accompany the rating and check information in the left column

  • Fixed layout and made the image column a bit bigger by default

Administration Aircraft

  • The additional counter can be configured in the aircraft details page

  • There is a new tab "Maintenance" added, that gives more graphical information, about the maintenance situation of the aircraft (e.g. next scheduled maintenance, planned flight time, remaining flight time until maintenance and reservations for the observation period). The system also estimated the date, when the planned flight time reaches the remaining flight time and offers a help for administrators to determine the next maintenance date.

  • Fixed layout and made the image column a bit bigger by default

Administration NOTAM

  • Adapted wording & made slight modification in the overview & details page for consistency reasons

Administration Users

  • For each user it is now possible to select, whether a separate invoicing address should be used or not. It is stored on group level, that means if a pilot is linked to Flight School A and Flight Club B, separate invoicing address can be configured for each group.

  • Added the possibility to specify the gender for the person (not specified, female, male or diverse).

  • Added a confirmation modal before a user is deleted, requiring confirmation

  • The internal checkflight validity can now be configured by aircraft, therefore a slight layout modification was made on the user detail page. The internal checkflight date, that has been set for the user, will be migrated to each linked aircraft after the update.

  • If new users use the "set initial password"-link twice, an error message will now prevent a secondary password setting

  • Fixed a bug with a wrong link in the e-mail that new users would receive

Settings - Maintenance

  • A separate tab for maintenance related configurations has been introduced

  • For the maintenance forecast feature it is also possible to set the observation period (default is 60 days). There is a predefined list of values that can be selected by the administrators. This value will be used to determine the maintenance related information for users and administrators

  • Administrators can decide whether to show the maintenance forecast information to normal users or not via the settings area

Settings - Calendar

  • The additional calendar field to add the estimated flight time for the reservation can be made mandatory or optional.

Settings - Invoicing

  • It is now possible to configure whether users shall be able to mark invoices as paid or not. By default this option is activated (as before the updated). If deactivated, only administrators can mark invoices as paid via the invoice details or invoices list page

Settings - Ratingchecks

  • Administrators can now define a value in days, before a warning about the expiration of warnings for pilot ratings appears in dashboard and calendar (Default value is 42 days, 6 weeks)

Settings - Refunds

  • Fixed: in some cases a leading empty space prevent correct entering of values


Version 1.1.1 - Updated on 2021-07-24



  • To prevent page expired warning upon multiple clicks on the login button, the form has now been improved and handles that better.

  • File links (NOTAM and aircraft info pages) now show the filename a bit longer and include the filetype (last three characters), if file name is too long

  • Dashboard METAR / TAF widget is now faster due to enhanced API query to the external interface

  • Fixed an issue with the password reset functionality, where it would not accept certain special characters.

  • Fixed an issue occuring on iOS devices (iPhone, iOS) where a double click on menu entries in the main navigation menu had to be done.

  • Performance improvements for logbook and payment runs / invoices - especially with high number of entries, the system performs better now

  • Many little bugfixes in the application

Invoice module

  • Updated salutation, which is now completely configurable, including two new placeholders for first and lastname of the recipient. Various customized salutations are now possible (e.g. formal or non formal etc.)

  • Invoice items (flights and custom invoice items) are now sortable via manual drag & drop action, allowing a custom sort order and for example have a custom invoice item directly below the flight in the table.

  • Added a link from the invoice to the logbook entry to directly start editing the entry, if changes are necessary

  • The payee of a flight is now considered: if two pilots are assigned to a flight, the payee field will be used for the invoice creation.

  • The customer number - if used, see below - is also shown in the invoice in the right section with the invoice information

  • Footer section is now a bit bigger, allowing now 5 lines and thus more text to be entered or to allow longer address information

  • For custom invoice items (debit & credit) a manual date can now be entered

  • For invoices it can now be decided if the account logo, no logo at all or a specific invoice logo should be shown. This can be configured in the account section additionally.

  • It is now possible to add additional text in the top right corner of the invoice, allowing to either add text below the logo additionally or even instead. This can be configured via the account section individually.

  • Additional placeholders for invoice allow bigger text and also bold text to be used in introduction, outro text, external comment and logo text (top right area of PDF)

  • Several enhancements on the generated invoice PDF were implementend allowing a more stable layout for various types of text and logo types. The page indicator was moved to the lower part and fold marks are now shown in light grey color to allow easier folding of the paper invoice when printing.

  • Also administrators can now mark an invoice as paid either via the invoice details page or the invoice list page.

  • Each payment run is now limited to 70 invoices in order to not decrease performance and risk a potential loss of e-mails caused by server restrictions


  • Reservation request feature implemented: If activated, the administrator can decide by aircraft, wheter regular users (non admins and non power users) can directly reserve the aircraft or if just a reservation request is created. Reservation requests are shown in slightly transparent aircraft calendar color. Administrators and power users (it can be configured, who receives a mail notification) can then either via a separate menu or directly in the calendar approve or decline reservation requests. In both cases the owner of the request is informed via mail about the outcome. Only if a reservation request is accepted, it is transformed into a full reservation, otherwise the slot is freed for others.

  • A second pilot can now be added to the reservation, either as an existing user or name-only. This could be useful to add the flight instructor as the second pilot. Both pilots (first and second) will see the reservation as their own. Reservations will also be included in the internet calender (iCal) link for "my reservations only" for both pilots.

  • The business hours that are configured by the admin will be shown in the calendar: outside of these hours the cells will be shaded in grey color. Default value is 0-24h

  • The display of events, especially in tablet-sized screen resolutions, has been enhanced to have more consistent view and show relevant information better.

  • When opening details for a reservations, the telephone & mobile link is now also shown as links, allowing direct dialing on your mobile devices

  • Colored reservations: Each aircraft can now be assigned with a particular color, which is then used to color the reservations in the calendar.

  • A default calendar view (week, month, list week or year) can now be selected by the user via the profile settings.

  • If only one aircraft is configured, the calendar will automatically filter for the one configured aircraft, no further aircraft selection is then required.

  • Fixed an issue which would not allow a text entry in "remarks to reservation" under certain situations.

  • Fixed an issue with time consistency check when changing hours for reservations on different days (from and until)

  • Renamed "Bookings" to "Reservations" in the menu to stay consistent with the rest of the application


  • If only one aircraft is configured, the logbook will automatically open for the one configured aircraft, no further aircraft selection is then required.

  • A second pilot can now be added to the flight entry. This could be useful for adding a flight instructor to the flight as the PIC but the student as the second pilot. If the invoicing module is activated, also the payee can be selected (either the PIC or the second pilot).

  • The flight entries can now be filtered with a textbox for searching text and via a date range filter.

Member information

  • The mobile and telephone numbers are now presented as links, to allow direct dialing on your mobile devices

Aircraft information

  • If a particular color is configured for the aircraft, all tables in the aircraft info page are now highlighted in this color

  • If reservation request feature is activated and enabled for the particular aircraft, a badge is shown on top of the information page

Administration Users

  • Users can now also be assigned with a customer number, mostly used for invoicing and other bookkeeping. The customer number is also importable and used on the invoices.

  • Fixed an issue with the user importer, not allowing to import under certain circumstances and only allowing one user to be created at a time.

  • For each administrator and power user it can now be configured, whether they will individually receive an e-mail notification, if a reservation request is entered.

Administration Aircraft

  • Aircraft can now be configured with a particular calendar color, which is used to depict the reservations in the calendar, if set - otherwise default colors apply.

  • If the reservation request feature is activated, the configuration item is also available for each aircraft in the aircraft details page.

System configuration & settings

  • The settings for rating-checks, invoice and refund settings have been moved from the "account" page to the "settings" page. The handling is the same, it is just in a different place. The "account" page now holds only the account information as well as the invoice module subscription (e.g. managing subscriptions etc.)

  • Administrators can now configure business hours for their group. These business hours currently only influence the color presentation in the reservation calendar in week view. Business hours are presented in white, non-business hours are shaded in grey color in the reservation calendar. Standard configuration after upgrade to 1.1.1 is 00:00 - 24:00. They can be changed in the settings.

  • In the settings page, the reservation request feature can now be activated (see tab "calendar settings") globally. After that, the configuration item is also available for each aircraft in the aircraft details configuration pages.


Version 1.1.0 - Updated on 2021-05-20


Invoicing module

  • Implementation of the invoicing functionality: Generation of electronic invoices based on the digital logbook, credit management (custom credits or "negative invoices"), pilot specific aircraft prices, fuel and other cost consideration, PDF generation & sending via e-mail

  • Subscription can be done by administrators via the application directly

  • More details are available for the administrator in the particular chapters of the online help and on our website


  • Bugfix when having multi-day events, where in the update mask the date was not preselected correctly

  • Calendar now has a list view, showing all events in the next upcoming 365 days.

  • List views have been enhanced, so that the scheduled event immediately shows the comment if entered directly in the list.

Digital Logbook

  • Entering of logbook entries WITHOUT an existing pilot/user is now possible. Logbook entries can be connected with a simple pilot name now. Use cases could be checkflights or flight students, that don't yet get access to the reservations. This is of course also used for invoicing flights. See help for more information.

  • Fuel to be entered is now split up into a separate section and only lists valid fuel types (configurable for the aircarft)

  • Changing the pilot of a logbook entry is now possible

General functionality

  • Member list table has been enhanced with filter and sorting functionality. Pagination is now also instant without page reload.

  • Fixed an issue with image or photo uploads from mobile devices, where the image would be rotated

  • Several bugfixes, translation corrections and layout optimizations throughout the application.

Administration - Aircraft

  • The allowed fueltypes are configurable for each aircraft. They will be listed in the logbook and aircraft info section.
  • Bugfix for some special cases, that made it impossible to update the initial flight time, hobbs or total time in service values.

Administration - Users

  • Users can now be labeled via text labels. These label are usable in various functionality (filtering, marking, logbook export, invoicing etc.)

  • Table has been enhanced with filter and sorting functionality. Pagination is now also instant without page reload.


  • Several adaptations, corrections, translation corrections for the online-help, both in German and English version.

  • Documentation has been reorganized. The administration-help is now excluded in separate chapter. It can only be viewed by administrators and selected on the top right section in the online help.


Version 1.0.1 - Updated on 2021-01-14


Digital Logbook

  • Total values for the current flight to be entered and updated are shown now next to the values

  • Total new values for the logbook are shown in the bottom of the add-mask to allow direct comparison with the paper logbook

  • Several layout enhancements: Size of add and update mask are now bigger

  • Bugfixes when adding or updating logbook entries

User import

  • It is now possible to not inform users automatically and send them the password link after the import - a checkbox has been added to the import mask

General functionality

  • Several bugfixes, translation corrections and layout optimizations throught the application.


Version 1.0.0 - Updated on 2020-12-29


  • Release of apron:pilot

  • Several small bugfixes implemented from during testing phase


 Version 0.9.4 - Updated on 2020-12-16


Administration of users - User import

  • A user import functionality has been added that allows users via an .xls or .xlsx file to do a bulk user creation. By uploading a prepared import file (e.g. by exporting and transforming from another tool) apron:pilot can automatically import these data and fully automatically create users, including sending of necessary notifications to the new users. More information is available in the online help, including a template file that can be used for creating the import file.

Graphical User Interface

  • The options to assign or unassign all pilots to an aircraft are now included in a dropdown menu on the administration user page. This is necessary to have the assign, unassign and import user buttons available but out of sight on small resolutions, such as mobile devices. The same goes for the administration aircraft page, also there a dropdown menu was implemented.

Digital Logbook

  • When adding a logbook entry the departure field is automatically prefilled with the last destination of the aircraft. This ensures more consistency for logbook entries. Administrators and power users can override this by editing the field freely.


  • Improved time validation: start and end time are now validated in the mask directly. If the start time is past the selected end time, the times will be adjusted accordingly. This allows for earlier feedback to the user for incorrect date selections.

  • Preselection added: When using the "Make a reservation"-button an empty form was presented before. The date and time is now preselected based on the current time of the calendar (time zone setting based) and preselected, to make entries quicker.

  • Bugfix: the calendar adding and updating mask now shows the pilots in alphabetical order by lastname. Same was implemented for the logbook create window.

Newsletter Subscription

  • Each user can now decide in the profile, whether to receive newsletters from apron:pilot or not. The same goes for the administrator of the group. In the account view administrators can now subscribe to the apron:pilot newsletter or not. By default all new registered groups are subscribed to the newsletter via the office e-mail. To unsubscribe either click the mail or deselect it in the account settings. Users are not automatically subscribed to the apron:pilot newsletters upon creation, but they can also opt to receive it by activating it in their profile page.

Version 0.9.3 - Updated on 2020-12-05

This version was made available as the last major testing phase updated, including the German translation of the software.

General functionality

  • German language for the whole application added (graphical user interface, online help, all pages, e-mail communication and error messages) and therefore support for German speaking pilots now available

  • Default language added to user profile: users can now selected, whether they want to have English or German as the default language after login and for all e-mails sent to them

  • Data privacy page adopted and further information on cookies added. A link is also now shown on the login page and in the online help, to make it more accessible for all users

  • Several design optimization and changes (e.g. incl. login page, register page, graphical user interface, buttons, views etc.)

  • Fixed issues around the registration & verification process for new users and groups


  • External dependencies, that were required for several functions (e.g. jQuery) were now included into the application, which reduces loading times and avoids errors due to non available third-party links to external resources

Version 0.9.2 - Updated on 2020-11-21


  • Fixed an issue with the lock-mechanism of aircraft. Locking an aircraft did not fully prevent a user to create or update a reservation or logbook entry under certain conditions. This has been corrected now.

User management

  • Fixed a misbehavior when deleting a user from the current account, so that user is still able to login for other accounts he/she is assigned to.


  • Fixed the display of row numbers in logbook - it now shows the number of the entry in the first column, instead of the unique ID. This will further be enhanced to show the total amount of landings as well (will be configurable per aircraft: show line item or show accumulated amount of landings)

Version 0.9.1 - Updated on 2020-11-10

This version was made available on November 11, during the test phase with first bugfixes based on findings.


  • Fixed an issue with the calendar, not showing reservations in case one user has hidden the contact details, but not all

Digital logbook

  • The logbook accepts now also three letter codes for departure and destination in order to also allow FAA location identifiers to be entered, e.g. VNC, HST, CLW, ...

  • The logbook comment is now restricted to 100 characters for further information, e.g. if a glider lands on none-ICAO fields or temporary landing sights

System & security

  • Fixed an issue where e-mail verification would time out after too short period of time. Now verification links are valid for 30 days. If this is due, the user can re-calculate and re-send a verification link via the "forgot password" function

  • Fixed an associated issue preventing the initial password set or password reset after the security token has expired. This was now increased to 14 days for newly created users. If the link is still expired the admin user can send a reset password link to the user manually or the user can request a new link via the "forgot password" form.

  • Fixed an issue with user creation/deletion, which would cause problems if users are merged into the account. Each login is now checked for deleted users and potential issues with the account. If found, they are corrected.

  • Login is now also possible via the e-mail address, so users can chose between login with username or e-mail. This led to problems when users reset the password and saved it to the browser. The browser would always preselect the username field with e-mail therefore this caused confusion.

Version 0.9.0 - Updated on 2020-11-01

This version was released with November 2020 for the testing period.

Base version including the standard modules calendar, member management, account management, single-user functionality, digital logbook etc.


  • Management for reservations (adding, updating, deleting)
  • Power users and administrators can manage reservations for other users
  • User-rating check if activated (e.g. if SEP rating is due, a warning message appears)
  • Waiting list feature (users can subscribe to the waitinglist and will be informed if the slot becomes available)
  • Export reservations to iCal and Google Calendar via the details

Digital logbook

  • Management of digital logbook entries (adding, updating, deleting)
  • Power users and administrators can manage entries for other users
  • Hobbs and Total time in service supported
  • Optional information can added to flights (e.g. oil, fuel added, maintenance state of aircraft, etc.)

Basic aircraft management

  • Aircraft management (adding, updating, deleting) of Aircraft
  • Maintenance basic data can be entered and shown in the system (e.g. next scheduled maintenance, hours remaining, etc.)
  • If maintenance is due, users get a warning message
  • Aircraft status OK, in maintenance and locked allowing different states for aircraft
  • Hour log shown in the aircraft detail pages

Basic pilot management

  • User management (adding, updating, deleting) for pilots
  • Personal details (except name and e-mail) are optional and each user can enter them or not
  • Member list available to all pilots for communication channels
  • Details only available to administrators, if entered

Rating Checks for pilots

  • Each administrator can decide whether the system should check for valid internal check flight, medical validity or several class ratings (SEP, MEP, etc.). If that is active the system will remind the pilot about the validity. Reservations are prevented if the internal checkflight is not valid.
  • Administrators can change the dates of the ratings, allowing a four-eyes check on the documents (upload and entering of validities will be possible for pilots in a future version)

General functionality

  • Focus on responsive design: the system is optimized for mobile devices, smartphones, tablets
  • Browser independend functions, working on most modern browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge
  • Secure login, password management and session handling by the development framework (modern framework, latest version)
  • Caching functionality allowing higher loading speeds due to precompiled pages and information

Single Login principle

  • Users get one user login per e-mail address and can be assigned to multiple accounts
  • Example: Flight School A issues an account for Pilot Richard Smith. Flight Club XYZ also creates a user for Richard Smith with his e-mail address, but the system recognizes the account and suggests to merge the users to both accounts. Richard Smith would only have one username and login, but can easily switch between accouts via the sidebar (check the online help for more information on the Single-Login Principle)


  • Database entries holding personal information (e.g. names, address or e-mail information) is stored securely and encrypted in the Database
  • Backup process running each day over night ensures minimum data loss in case of desaster
  • Pilots can decide themselves if they want to hide or show personal contact information to others (e-mail, telephone) if allowed by the administrator

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