Update on Version 1.1


Version 1.1 focuses mainly on the invoicing module, but also other stuff is coming. Check out the preliminary release notes of version 1.1!

This is a preliminary draft of parts of the release notes, subject to change.


  • Member list table has been enhanced with filter and sorting functionality. Pagination is now loaded constantly, without page reload
  • The aircraft info pages now shows further information, such as allowed fuel types or a restriction for the duration of reservations, if set by the administrators.
  • Many bugfixes all around the application have been implemented
  • Terms of use and data privacy policy incorporated into the application: Each user has to accept them upon login, otherwise a logout occurs.


  • Adding a year view: listing all reservations for the next 365 days
  • Users can select the default time scale for the calendar in the profile view: 30 or 60 minutes
  • Administrators can restrict and limit the amount of maximum allowed future reservations per pilot in the settings section
  • Administrators can also restrict and limit the number of days into the future until reservations can be entered
  • Calendar subscription: subscribe to all or own reservations and embed them in MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Calendar or any other calendar tool supporting internet calendars - Read more in this recent article!

Digital Logbook

  • Entering logbook entries for non-user pilots: A simple textfield for the name is now used. Also non-user pilots can be invoiced (if subscribed to invoice module)
  • Additional flight information section is now enhanced: Refueling section separated and text boxes cleaned up.
  • Changing the pilot of a logbook entry is now supported
  • The details page now shows an explanation, if the logbook entry cannot be edited by the user

Invoicing module (payware module)

  • Implementation of the invoicing functionality: Generation of electronic invoices based on the digital logbook, credit management (custom credits or "negative invoices"), pilot specific aircraft prices, fuel and other cost consideration, PDF generation & sending via mail
  • Subscription can be done by administrators via the application directly


  • The setting section now shows two tabs, one for general settings and one for calendar specific settings
  • Allowed fueltypes for aircraft can now be configured
  • Bugfixes around the initial flight time, hobbs and total time in service counters
  • User table has been enhanced with filter and sorting functionality. Pagination is now loaded constantly, without page reload
  • Users can now be labeled via text labels. These label are usable in various functionality (filtering, logbook export, invoicing etc.)


  • Several adaptations, corrections and translations applied in the online-help for both the German and English help
  • Administration help pages are now only visible and accessible to power users and administrators, allowing a smaller online help for "normal" user related stuff


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