Version 1.1 - Internet calendar integration

One great feature that many of you might like is the internet calendar integration!

Many of you might be using a calendar app on your PC or notebook, such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Mozilla Thunderbird with Lightning. Also on your mobile device you might be using either Microsoft Outlook or native applications, such as iOs Calendar or similar apps.

One thing that many of our users requested was the possibility to somehow subscribe to the calendar and have it available on your PC or mobile device without logging in.

And that is exactly what we implemented: apron:pilot will offer the internet calendar functionality!

- Internet calendar link is available for either a) all of your group's reservations or b) only your own reservations filtered and returns the reservations (read-only)

- The link will be accessible via a popup on the calendar page. Just copy and paste it and use it with your application.

- The link is protected with encrypted codes and cannot be accessed from external if the security encryption keys are not valid

Currently supported is Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, iOs Calendar, macOS native calendar app and Mozilla Thunderbird (with Lightning plugin).

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