Small Update

In the course of December 2022 we will perform an update to version 1.1.5-2. It brings a few bug fixes and optimizations in the invoicing module.

The following are the short release notes:


  • Fixed: Reservations for grounding an aircraft do not require input on custom fields anymore

Invoice Module

  • ONLY BUSINESS PLAN: The invoice number is now based on the planned payment run date, which is important when using date placeholders (e.g. YYYY, YY, MM, M, DD, D). Example: Invoice number format is YY-MM-NNNNNN, plan date of payment run is 31.12.2022, creation of invoice on 15.01.2023, invoice number would be 22-12-000001. If the planned date is today, the behavior is the same as it was before this change.
  • For invoice credits created out of invoices a "Details" link is now shown in the invoice credits list, linking to the corresponding invoice where the credit was generated from
  • The invoice number mechanism has been enhanced and some edge cases have been fixed. The consecutive number is now better controlled and counts up from 1 for invoices in the next year (if they are created in advance). This was necessary especially for the case of invoicing flights in January that occured in the last days of December to meet financial related rules for invoice numbers and dates


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