Improvements & features with version 1.1.1

We try to create a new update every 6-8 weeks, depending on the size and time of the year.

Update to 1.1.1 is July 24, between 16:00Z and 19:00Z! Expect reduced availibilty in this period!

The following features & improvements will be included:


- To prevent page expired warning upon multiple clicks on the login button, the form has now been improved and handles that better.

- File links (NOTAM and aircraft info pages) now show the filename a bit longer and include the filetype (last three characters), if file name is too long

- Fixed an issue with the password reset functionality, where it would not accept certain special characters.

- Fixed an issue occuring on iOS devices (iPhone, iOS) where a double click on menu entries in the main navigation menu had to be done.

- Performance improvements for logbook and payment runs / invoices - especially with high number of entries, the system performs better now

- Many little bugfixes in the application

Invoice module

- Updated salutation, which is now completely configurable, including two new placeholders for first and lastname of the recipient. Various customized salutations are now possible (e.g. formal or non formal etc.)

- Invoice items (flights and custom invoice items) are now sortable via manual drag & drop action, allowing a custom sort order and for example have a custom invoice item directly below the flight in the table.

- Added a link from the invoice to the logbook entry to directly start editing the entry, if changes are necessary

- The payee of a flight is now considered: if two pilots are assigned to a flight, the payee field will be used for the invoice creation.

- The customer number - if used, see below - is also shown in the invoice in the right section with the invoice information

- Footer section is now a bit bigger, allowing now 5 lines and thus more text to be entered or to allow longer address information

- For custom invoice items (debit & credit) a manual date can now be entered

- For invoices it can now be decided if the account logo, no logo at all or a specific invoice logo should be shown. This can be configured in the account section additionally.

- It is now possible to add additional text in the top right corner of the invoice, allowing to either add text below the logo additionally or even instead. This can be configured via the account section individually.

- Additional placeholders for invoice allow bigger text and also bold text to be used in introduction, outro text, external comment and logo text (top right area of PDF)

- Several enhancements on the generated invoice PDF were implementend allowing a more stable layout for various types of text and logo types. The page indicator was moved to the lower part and fold marks are now shown in light grey color to allow easier folding of the paper invoice when printing.

- Also administrators can now mark an invoice as paid either via the invoice details page or the invoice list page.

- Each payment run is now limited to 70 invoices in order to not decrease performance and risk a potential loss of e-mails caused by server restrictions


- Reservation request feature implemented: If activated, the administrator can decide by aircraft, wheter regular users (non admins and non power users) can directly reserve the aircraft or if just a reservation request is created. Reservation requests are shown in slightly transparent aircraft calendar color. Administrators and power users (it can be configured, who receives a mail notification) can then either via a separate menu or directly in the calendar approve or decline reservation requests. In both cases the owner of the request is informed via mail about the outcome. Only if a reservation request is accepted, it is transformed into a full reservation, otherwise the slot is freed for others.

- A second pilot can now be added to the reservation, either as an existing user or name-only. This could be useful to add the flight instructor as the second pilot. Both pilots (first and second) will see the reservation as their own. Reservations will also be included in the internet calender (iCal) link for "my reservations only" for both pilots.

- The business hours that are configured by the admin will be shown in the calendar: outside of these hours the cells will be shaded in grey color. Default value is 0-24h

- The display of events, especially in tablet-sized screen resolutions, has been enhanced to have more consistent view and show relevant information better.

- When opening details for a reservations, the telephone & mobile link is now also shown as links, allowing direct dialing on your mobile devices

- Colored reservations: Each aircraft can now be assigned with a particular color, which is then used to color the reservations in the calendar.

- A default calendar view (week, month, list week or year) can now be selected by the user via the profile settings.

- If only one aircraft is configured, the calendar will automatically filter for the one configured aircraft, no further aircraft selection is then required.

- Fixed an issue which would not allow a text entry in "remarks to reservation" under certain situations.

- Fixed an issue with time consistency check when changing hours for reservations on different days (from and until)

- Renamed "Bookings" to "Reservations" in the menu to stay consistent with the rest of the application


- If only one aircraft is configured, the logbook will automatically open for the one configured aircraft, no further aircraft selection is then required.

- A second pilot can now be added to the flight entry. This could be useful for adding a flight instructor to the flight as the PIC but the student as the second pilot. If the invoicing module is activated, also the payee can be selected (either the PIC or the second pilot).

- The flight entries can now be filtered with a textbox for searching text and via a date range filter.

Member information

- The mobile and telephone numbers are now presented as links, to allow direct dialing on your mobile devices

Aircraft information

- If a particular color is configured for the aircraft, all tables in the aircraft info page are now highlighted in this color

- If reservation request feature is activated and enabled for the particular aircraft, a badge is shown on top of the information page

Administration Users

- Users can now also be assigned with a customer number, mostly used for invoicing and other bookkeeping. The customer number is also importable and used on the invoices.

- Fixed an issue with the user importer, not allowing to import under certain circumstances and only allowing one user to be created at a time.

- For each administrator and power user it can now be configured, whether they will individually receive an e-mail notification, if a reservation request is entered.

Administration Aircraft

- Aircraft can now be configured with a particular calendar color, which is used to depict the reservations in the calendar, if set - otherwise default colors apply.

- If the reservation request feature is activated, the configuration item is also available for each aircraft in the aircraft details page.

System configuration & settings

- The settings for rating-checks, invoice and refund settings have been moved from the "account" page to the "settings" page. The handling is the same, it is just in a different place. The "account" page now holds only the account information as well as the invoice module subscription (e.g. managing subscriptions etc.)

- Administrators can now configure business hours for their group. These business hours currently only influence the color presentation in the reservation calendar in week view. Business hours are presented in white, non-business hours are shaded in grey color in the reservation calendar. Standard configuration after upgrade to 1.1.1 is 00:00 - 24:00. They can be changed in the settings.

- In the settings page, the reservation request feature can now be activated (see tab "calendar settings") globally. After that, the configuration item is also available for each aircraft in the aircraft details configuration pages.

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