Improvements & features with version 1.1.3

Update to 1.1.3 is planned for December 29, between 18:00Z and 22:00Z! Expect reduced or no availibilty during this per

The following features & improvements will be included:


- The graphical user interface has been enhanced at several levels: buttons were rearranged, renamed and background/outline/text colors and their hierachy optimized. It now features a more modern and consistent design in several views, especially for popups and buttons in various forms. The screenshots in the online-help might partly contain still contain old images. We are going to enhance them over the next weeks.

- Ratings are now configurable and customizable. It is possible to configure customized rating checks via the settings menu and either activate them for all pilots, only specific pilots or make them aircraft dependend. The system will carry out validitity checks for the ratings as before but now shows the customized items as well. The internal checkflight works as before. To have more overview on all the ratings, the admninistrator can also use the rating-overview function to export and see all rating information and also edit them in one view

- The online help now allows power users to access the administration section in the online help, in order to be able to read more information about several administrative activitiers

- Labels for users are now displayed in various form elements, e.g. payment runs creation, invoicing or logbook (administrators & power users only)

- Various HMI optimizations e.g. better coloring of UI elements, mobile view enhancements etc.

- Several translation corrections in the online-help documentation (German and English)


- If a homebase is stored for the aircraft, the status window for the aircraft will show this homebase below the type

Defect management

- New feature for defect management added. Pilots can record defects, include photos or files, add comments and send automated notifications. Defect administrators (administrators or power users) can also be defined and can take care of defects. This feature is optional and has to be activated in the settings


- For aircraft the validity date for the next airworthiness certicate examination can be entered. It will be shown to pilots in the dashboard and information view, if it is to lapse within the next for weeks. Administrators also receive a warnining on top of the dashboard and in the administration menu for aircraft

- If defect management feature is activated, a separate button and view is added to the information list. Pilots can access this to view defects and also add new records, comment existing ones etc.

- A homebase for aircraft can now be set for each aircraft. This is particularly helpful, if multiple aircraft with different homebases are handled within the system.


- The reservations now also show the comment directly on the event marker, if the aircraft is grounded

- Administrators can configure whether or not a reason must be provided when deleting a reservation. This is disabled by default. If activated, regular users must provide a reason for deletion, which is then shown to the administrators. Furthermore, any notification text can be specified that will be displayed when confirming the deletion.

- For administrators a separate link is shown in the calendar to display all deleted reservations, incl. the details about the reservation, deletion time and deleting user. If the option for a mandatory reason for deletion is activated, this is also shown in the list.

- Fixed an issue with partly incorrect shown created and updated time information, showing configured timezone instead of UTC times. This is now fixed, the times are shown in UTC.

- Fixed: the estimated flight time field was not read-only for users viewing reservation details of a reservation were they are not the owner

Digital Logbook

- The logbook has been redesigned & refactored, mostly in the background. New additions include the totals calculation on a per page basis (e.g. on page 5 you see the some of flight time from page 1 - 5) and a redesigned page layout on smartphones and mobile devices on smaller resolutions (scrolling disabled, instead column tables are shown)

- Sorting and filtering has been enhanced: filtering by pilot names, departure / destination, takeoff / landing time, number of landings; sorting possible via date, flight time, departure / destination code, hobbs time, total time in service time, additional counter time and number of landings

- Export of logbook (administrators only) does now consider filtered results via textsearch beside the date filter

- Users can now change their logbook entries from the past days, even if it is not the last flight of the airplane, if it is edited within 48 hours after creation. This allows pilots to correct errors before asking the administrator or power user for that, as it was up until now

Invoice Module

- YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION: You can now subscribe yearly for the business plan, including one month of trial phase (one-time only) and have the payment done only once per year. Subscribing to the business plan on a yearly basis results in 10% off to the yearly regular monthly fee.

- For existing customers: If you are subscribed to the BASIC or ADVANCED plan and want to switch to BUSINESS MONTHLY or YEARLY, you can now do so via the "Manage subscription" page (ACCOUNT > Invoice Module - Subscription). If you want to switch from BASIC to ADVANCED or ADVANCED to BASIC or BUSINESS to BASIC or ADVANCED, you need to cancel the subscription first and newly subscribe to another package. Reason is some constraints around the payment handling for BASIC and ADVANCED plans.

- PAYMENT METHOD SEPA: You can now choose between payment by credit card or SEPA debit (only available in European countries, see SEPA debit allows direct debit to bank accounts. Everything is still handled securely via our payment service provider Stripe! Currently the payment provider only supports SEPA debits for new subscriptions. Our existing customers are asked to contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a manual switch.

- Resending of invoices is now possible via the invoice directly. This only applies if a valid e-mail address was entered for the user or in the e-mail field of the invoice. Resending of the invoice can be triggered again, even after processing to remind pilots again.

- Enhanced several rendering issues around the column size and width in the generated PDF file

- Fixed an issue with payment runs being approvable without invoices linked to it

- Fixed an issue where the PDF link in the digital invoice would not be shown for PROCESSED & PAID invoices

Maintenance Forecast Information

- Fixed an issue with multi-day reservations, where the estimated flight time was not considered in the forecast when the start date of the reservation was in the past but the end date in the future

Administration - Aircraft

- Tabs "GENERAL" and "MAINTENANCE": reorganized the fields in the views and moved the "next maintenance at"-field to the maintenance tab, along with the date for the airworthiness review certificate validity

- In the tab ratings you can no activate or deactivate aircraft specific ratings that are required for the aircraft in order to book it. This is mostly relevant for ratings, that are required to fly the aircraft, e.g. SEP, TMG, MEP, ...

- If defect management feature is activated, a separate tab is available for defects. Admins can access this to view defects, add new records, comment existing ones and manage the existing ones.

- If defect management feature is activated power users and administrators can also access the defect overview page via the aircraft overview - options link. This page allows to view all defects of aircrafts, edit & administrate them, as well as export information from defects.

- A homebase for aircraft can now be saved for each aircraft

- The additional counter initial value can now also be set

Administration - Users

- The aircraft & rating tab has been modified and allows now to see the customizable rating and - if configured to be user-specific - to be activated for the particular user via the details page

- A new tab has been introduced for the configuration of notifications for a particular user. For this purpose the notification option for the reservation request has been moved here from the "aircraft & ratings" tab.

- Rating overview & editing: Via the user overview page -> Options -> Rating overview it is possible to get an overview of all users and all ratings and their validity dates. It is possible to filter and export the data as PDF or spreadsheet data for further processing. The overview page also supports inline-editing which makes it possible to update dates directly without heading to the details page of the corresponding user and therefore makes it faster to process.

- User import allows now to import the custom ratings as well as the internal checkflight per aircraft

- Fixed an issue that prevented power users from using the user importer functionality

Administration - NOTAMs

- Fixed sorting of NOTAMs that gets mixed up in some cases with some date formats

- Fixed an issue that prevented the deletion of the physical file on the storage in certain cases

Settings - Ratings

- Customizable ratings can now be configured via the settings menu. Ratings can either be activated for all pilots (e.g. Medical, Language Proficiency, ...), only specific pilots (e.g. flight instructor, instrument rating instructor, ...) or made them aircraft dependend (e.g. SEP, MEP, SEP(H), ...).

Settings - Calendar

- Administrators can configure whether or not a reason must be provided when deleting a reservation, by default this is disabled. Additionally, a notification text can be configured independently, which is displayed when confirming the deletion of a reservation.
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