Update 1.1.3 in December

Currently, this update is scheduled for mid/late December 2021, the exact date is yet to follow and depends on further developments. We will publish more details about the update in the coming weeks.
Configurable ratings

- The ratings are configurable. It can also be configured whether they are relevant for aircraft bookings (e.g. TMG, MEP, HPA, ...) or only for specific pilots (e.g. CRI, IRI, ...).

- For ratings that have expired or are about to expire, a warning is displayed in the dashboard, calendar and profile.

Ratings management

- Administrators and power users can manage ratings for pilots directly in user settings

- An overall view of all ratings, data and pilots can be displayed in the ratings overview. A colored display shows at a glance where expired, missing or soon to expire validity dates are stored. Data can be updated directly via an "inline edit".

- Ratings data can be exported on a daily basis as PDF and EXCEL files and thus either processed externally or archived for verification purposes.
Management of defects for aircraft

With the update it is now possible to record defects for aircraft via apron:pilot and to manage their status. Pilots can independently report defects via the logbook function or the aircraft information page.

- Pilots can enter a defect for an aircraft with a title, description and files (e.g. photos from smartphone).

- Defects are tracked with a status: A defect is first CREATED, then CONFIRMED, and finally marked as RESOLVED or CLOSED.

- For each defect, users can enter comments, e.g. to describe the specific fix or to have a short discussion on the platform

- Notifications are sent to administrators or other users (configurable) when a defect is entered - the creators are also informed about status changes (e.g. created -> confirmed or even if fixed) by mail
For the invoicing module, the option of an annual subscription for the business subscription and the option to pay via SEPA will also follow. In connection with this, we will also update the terms of service. Details will follow separately to all subscribers.
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